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Show More PCN Tours Wert Bookbinding

07:00 AM  Closed Captioned

Show More PA Books "Smiling Banjo"

08:00 AM  Closed Captioned

Show More PCN Call In: PA Budget

09:00 AM  Closed Captioned

Show More PA Senate Appropriations Committee Budget Hearings

09:30 AM  Closed Captioned
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Show More Budget: Corrections, Probation & Parole Funding

10:00 AM  Closed Captioned

Show More PA House Appropriations Committee Budget Hearing

10:00 AM  Closed Captioned
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Show More Childhood Nutrition and School Meals

11:00 AM  
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Show More Budget: PennDOT Funding

01:00 PM  Closed Captioned

Show More Weather World

05:45 PM  Closed Captioned

Show More PCN Tours Wert Bookbinding

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Show More Budget: State-Related Universities Funding

07:00 PM  Closed Captioned

Show More Budget: State System of Higher Education Funding

08:30 PM  Closed Captioned