Whether it's the House or Senate, local or state government, elections or another captivating political issue, if it might affect you, it's on Journalists Roundtable. Pennsylvania journalists discuss the top political news of the week, examining the ins-and-outs of policy, politics and current events to provide detail, background and analysis on hot-button topics circulating around the Capitol and throughout your communities. Journalists Roundtable regularly travels around the state, focusing on topics affecting Pennsylvania's diverse neighborhoods.


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Journalists Roundtable at 7 pm - This was the last scheduled week of floor session for the 2017-2018 General Assembly before the Nov. 6 election. Dozens of bills passed both chambers and will reach the governor's desk, but not bills address the child sexual assault statute of limitations or reducing the size of the House. Also, the gubernatorial, U.S. Senate and […]




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Journalists Roundtable

Journalists Roundtable
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