Leading up Pennsylvania’s May 15th Primary Election, PCN will provide unedited, unbiased coverage of the races for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, U.S. Senate, and select Congressional seats.

Watch PCN for in-depth interviews, campaign endorsements, and candidate debates.

Race for PA Governor

PA Press Club, Paul Mango 01/22/18
PA Republican Governor Candidates Forum 01/04/18
Republican Candidates for Governor Forum 10/19/17
Ken Krawchuk Gubernatorial Announcement 10/01/17
Paul Mango Gubernatorial Announcement 05/18/17
Paul Mango Gubernatorial Announcement 05/17/17
Scott Wagner Gubernatorial Announcement 01/12/17

Race for PA Lt. Governor

Paul Mango Running Mate Announcement 02/13/18
Statewide Democratic Candidates Forum 02/09/18
Election 2018: Lt. Governor Democratic Candidates Debate 02/02/18
Scott Wagner Running Mate Announcement 11/09/17

Race for U.S. Senate

Republican Senate Candidates Forum 12/09/17

Race for 15th Congressional District

15th Congressional District Democratic Candidates Forum 01/18/18

Race for 18th Congressional District

On the Issues: Election 2018, Drew Gray Miller 02/14/18

More Election 2018

Election 2018: Penn Ag Democrats Jefferson-Jackson Day Luncheon 1/06/18
Election 2018: PA Ag Republicans Meeting 1/08/18