From the Penn State Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science, Weather World provides an in-depth statewide forecast of Pennsylvania weather Monday through Friday evenings at 5:45 pm.  Weather World began in 1957 with Dr. Charles Hosler and now features hosts Fred Gadomski, Marissa Ferger, and Ben Reppert. For 35 years, the Emmy award winning show has offered long-range forecasts and unique content that answers the why, as well as the what, when and how weather will affect your life.

During circumstances where programming interferes with Weather World’s regularly-scheduled airing, it will be posted online, free-of-charge, to all viewers.  Captions are provided when available. 

Weather World

[CC] Weather World 11/20/18
Weather World 11/20/18
Weather World 11/19/18
[CC] Weather World 11/19/18