PA Farm Show on PCN

25 Years of the PA Farm Show on PCN

PCN undergoes an exciting transformation each January to bring viewers inside the nation’s largest indoor agricultural showcase, the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Growing our coverage since 1994, PCN cameras catch all the action of popular events such as the High School Championship Rodeo, Sheep to Shawl, Rabbit Hopping Contest, Sale of Champions, Horse Pulls and more. From discussions on farming innovation to cooking demonstrations, PCN is the best place to see Pennsylvania agriculture in the spotlight.

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"Thanks for all the hard work on the Farm Show. I live in Philly and have been recording your coverage since I had a VCR. Thanks for including Farm Show Fashions. The new green graphics this year were very attractive. The sound quality overall was great, too which can't be easy under the conditions. Cheers to the PCN team!" -SlowCritic on Twitter




Celebrating 25 Years of Coverage

PCN Celebrates 25 Years of PA Farm Show Coverage

By: Larry Kaspar, Senior Producer & Host

PCN television undergoes a startling transformation this time of year. Long before viewers notice the change, debates take place at staff meetings about the camera angles for covering sheep shearing and cow milking. Suddenly, the names of Harrisburg politicians take a back seat as we figure out coverage logistics of a rabbit hopping contest. As we get our heads wrapped around this radical week-long shift in priorities, we take a moment to ponder the significance of PCN bringing its viewers the Pennsylvania Farm Show for the twenty-fifth time.

When PCN covered its first Farm Show in 1994, you could say we were in an exploratory phase. We sent one camera operator to cover an event called a “horse pull.” Whatever that was. The camera was set up precariously on two uneven steps high in the Farm Show Arena in Harrisburg. The public address announcer was a kind lady who permitted PCN to clip a microphone to her shirt collar. During a moment of uncertainty, she looked over her shoulder and asked, “Who are you again?” Only the slightest bit satisfied with the answer, she went to work and called the event for both the audience in attendance that night and PCN viewers. When we checked our voicemail the next day for viewer reaction, we knew we were on to something.

It was that announcer’s leap of faith that opened the door to Farm Show coverage that has grown in both size and sophistication over the last twenty-five years. Several events we cover feature our own analysts explaining in detail what’s going on and what it means. We believe this educational component of our coverage heightens your appreciation of the Farm Show, and makes your viewing experience more enjoyable.

In 2018, PCN televised more than 150 events and 40 hours of live programming from the Farm Show. In 2019, once again, viewers will be able to watch all the action on statewide cable. Farm Show fans that don’t have cable, or live out of state, can stream all the events on demand using their favorite device with a PCN subscription.

There’s so much going on at the Farm Show on PCN that there’s something for everyone. That sounds like a cliché, but it’s true. See for yourself when you visit our website at Our schedule includes a horse pulling contest, square dancing, cooking lessons, a Sheep-to-Shawl Contest, a rodeo, exhibit judging, a rabbit hopping contest, and so much more.

Oh, about those rabbits. Here’s a bit of friendly advice to Harrisburg politicians: never visit the Farm Show with the notion that you can compete with bunny rabbits for attention and win. Trust me on this.

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Alicia Lane 4H
Cover Crops
Crop Art
Lynzee Moore Rodeo
U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson
Dave Williams Recognition
 On Demand - Farm Show Exclusives

Alpaca Agility Competition
Alpaca Costume Contest
Alpaca Education
Archaeology at the State Museum of Pennsylvania
Calving Corner
Chicken Hatching Display
Crop Art Competition
Dairy Princesses
Dutch Rabbit Judging
Gingerbread House Judging
Jason Avant
Kayla Fusselman
Kayla Repasky
Milk Shake Booth
Mr. Spuds Contest
Over Home Alpacas
Rabbit Judging Tour
Rabbit Queen Interview
Rabbit Petting
Sow and Piglets
Sweet Valley Alpaca Shoppes
Waterloo Boys Tractors
 On Demand - Farm Show Fun

Butter Sculpture Unveiling
Farm Show Fashions
Rabbit Hopping Contest
Sale of Champions
Scholarship Awards
Sheep Herding
Sheep to Shawl Contest
Square Dance Contest
Tractor Square Dance
 On Demand - High School Championship Rodeo

Cumberland County 4-H Drill Team
High School Championship Rodeo I
High School Championship Rodeo II
 On Demand - Horse Pulling

Horse Pull Contest - Lightweights
Horse Pull Contest - Heavyweights
Mini Horse Pull Contest
Pony Pull Contest - Mediumweights and Lightweights
Pony Pull Contest - Heavyweights