On November 6, Pennsylvania elected 50 new members to the state legislature during the midterm elections.

We had the opportunity to talk with these Freshman Lawmakers to learn more about them and their districts, their interest in politics, and their top priorities as they begin their first terms in public office.Watch one-on-one interviews with newly elected members following their LIVE Swearing-in Ceremony on January 1st at 12 pm. Tune in on cable and the PCN app.

The Freshman Lawmaker interviews will be available on demand for FREE after they air on January 1st.

Freshman Lawmaker Facts

  • Out of the 50 new members, 23 are women.
  • In the Senate, five of the seven new members are women, and two are Republican former House members.
  • Ten of the 25 seats available were won by women, bringing the total number of women in the Senate to 12.
  • Of the 25 seats up for election, 12 democrats and 13 republicans were elected.
  • In the House, the 43 new members include 18 women, which bring the number of women in the House up to 52.
  • There are 14 new seats for the Democrats and three new seats for the Republicans, making the House 110 Republicans to 92 Democrats.

Freshman PA House Members

Rep. Stephanie Borowicz
Rep. Bob Brooks
Rep. Danilo Burgos
Rep. Joe Ciresi
Rep. Dave Delloso
Rep. Torren Ecker
Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler
Rep. Valerie Gaydos
Rep. Barb Gleim
Rep. Jim Gregory
Rep. Liz Hanbidge
Rep. John Hershey
Rep. Joe Hohenstein
Rep. Mary Isaacson
Rep. Mike Jones
Rep. Josh Kail
Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta
Rep. Andrew Lewis
Rep. Steve Malagari
Rep. Brandon Markosek
Rep. Bob Merski
Rep. Natalie Mihalek
Rep. Kyle Mullins
Rep. Jennifer O'Mara
Rep. Danielle Friel Otten
Rep. Todd Polinchock
Rep. Michael Puskaric
Rep. Jim Rigby
Rep. Lou Schmitt
Rep. Melissa Shusterman
Rep. Jim Struzzi
Rep. Wendi Thomas
Rep. Wendy Ullman
Rep. Joe Webster
Rep. Dan Williams

Freshman PA Senate Members

Sen. Maria Collett
Sen. Katie Muth
Sen. Kristin Phillips-Hill
Sen. Judy Ward