Pennsylvania Budget 2018-2019


Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf presented his budget proposal for the next fiscal year on Tuesday, February 6, 2018.  The  PA House of Representatives and Senate Hearings on Governor Wolf's budget proposal are LIVE and unedited on PCN and the PCN Select app, beginning Tuesday, February 20.  Watch Pennsylvania politics and policy on PCN on cable and the PCN Select app. Check your TV guide for channel listings. Viewers can also stream the hearings on demand for free on a desktop and any mobile device.  

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Check back for free on demand videos including the entire Governor's Budget Address, PA House and Senate Hearings, and other budget-related programming.

PA House Budget Hearings

Economic & Revenue Outlook, PA House Appropriations Committee
Revenue Department Funding, PA House Appropriations Committee

PA Senate Budget Hearings

Independent Fiscal Office, PA Senate Appropriations Committee
Treasury Department Funding, PA Senate Appropriations Committee

Exclusive Interviews

Hassell, Dan, Revenue Department
Knittel, Matthew, Independent Fiscal Office
Sen. Brown, Pat & Sen. Corman, Jake 02/06/18
Sen. Costa, Jay; Lt. Gov. Stack, Mike & Sen. Hughes, Vincent 02/06/18
Rep. Cutler, Bryan 02/06/18
Rep. Dermody, Frank 02/06/18
Rep. Markosek, Joseph 02/06/18
Rep. Saylor, Stan 02/06/18
Rep. Turzai, Mike & Rep. Reed, Dave 02/06/18

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