Our Features

PCN Tours

We tour museums and manufacturing facilities throughout the Commonwealth as part of our state business and industry coverage. Originally a weekly series, “PCN Tours” now airs daily at 7 am and 6 pm, in addition to a Sunday night premiere showing at 8 pm. All video visits are led by a representative of the toured facility and are televised with minimal edits. We always welcome suggestions for new tours! We neither charge nor receive payment for producing these shows.

PA Books

Our President & CEO, Brian Lockman, interviews authors of books about Pennsylvania on “PA Books.” New programs air Sundays at 9 pm, and our library of “PA Books” offerings are presented on weekdays at 8 am. The one-hour program features writers and editors of new or recent books touching upon state history, events, industry, people and culture.

PCN Profiles

“PCN Profiles” features half-hour conversations with prominent state residents. We focus on interviewees’ life and career decisions that helped shaped their personal developments.

Game of the Week

Recognizing the strong tradition of scholastic athletics in Pennsylvania, we carry regular-season high school football games, basketball contests and wrestling matches.

PA Press Club

Modeled after the National Press Club, the Pennsylvania Press Club meets one Monday each month at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Harrisburg. Invited speakers make opening remarks, then answer questions posed by members of the media and other Press Club attendees. The luncheons are open to the public; there is a charge for the meal.