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From museums to manufacturing, we have it covered. Come take a tour and learn more about what makes this Commonwealth a great place to live and work. Each tour is led by a representative of the facility, allowing the viewer to experience television unscripted!

“PCN Tours” airs daily at 7 AM and 6 PM, with a premiere televised every Sunday at 8 PM.


If you would like to suggest a PA manufacturer or museum, please let us know. PCN does not charge or receive payment for producing a walking tour.


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Sunday, April 27: PCN Tours Herr’s Snack Foods

Sunday, April 27: PCN Tours Herr’s Snack Foods

Less than two-thousand dollars is all it took for James Stauffer Herr to break into the potato chip business. He was 21 years-old, and the year was 1947. Today, their line of snacks includes pretzels, tortilla chips, cheese curls, popcorn, crackers, and more.